Q: I really like your illustrations of ________ and I would like to use it, would this be alright with you?

A: Yes, you may use my work with previous written consent provided that you abide by the following: My work is solely available for nonprofit, personal use. Images may not be sold/used in any way for profit nor commercial purposes. If an image is cropped for use, credit the image by visibly adding the url www.nataliehijazi.com so as that viewers may trace back to the original work. None of my images are to be placed on any websites or publications that contain pornographic, occult, hate, or illegal content.

Q: Do you do art-trades or take requests?

A: No; I hardly have time to keep up with work, so there’s not much chance fitting anything else into my schedule.

Q: Won’t you post some of your commissions?

A: Due to the privacy & copyrights of certain clients, some of my commissioned work can’t be freely shared online. If you care to see samples for work-related interest, then you can email me a request for a portfolio.

Q: I see only digitally rendered images, do you use traditional media at all?

A: Yes - watercolors, pencil, etching, charcoal and oil colors are all part of my art box, however these days clients prefer digitally illustrated images for their books and projects, hence the majority of my work is digital.

Q: What programs do you use for you CG paintings? Where did you learn to use it and how long did the course take?

A: I primarily use Adobe Photoshop for my digital work but haven’t attended courses. It’s all self-taught after years of trial and error. Online tutorials and forums are the best source of info I’ve ever come across.